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Emails to Gmail going to Spam

InMotionFans 10 months ago in Other / General Information 0
Apparently gmail has new spam filtering in place as of 02/2019. We never send broadcast emails. These are individually typed emails to our long term clients. Often times even after marking us as a safe sender emails still go to spam. I've been on gmail forums and have seen where other inmotion clients are having the same issue. Has anyone been able to fix this?

Is a backup available

jlbrown 11 months ago in Other / General Information 0
I tried to do an update on my website and corrupted something. Unfortunately, I didn't back it up beforehand. Does InMotion do automatic periodic backups? Anything from within the last 12 months would be helpful.

Installing Tomcat and OpenCMS

doug4350 12 months ago in Other / General Information 0
Hi inmotion hosting team,
I have a simple site with static content created in OpenCMS - a landing page and a couple of page links branching off. I'm trying to find out how to get traffic routed to my domain and to the Tomcat connector for it to process requests.
I've installed Tomcat in my user account and it is running on the default port 8080. My first assumption is I need to have port forwarding configured by you guys to allow traffic in to my hosted domain. Is that correct?
I would like to allow ports 80 and 443, where I will only be using port 80 for testing connectivity into my domain.
With port 443, are the certs installed under $HOME/ssl to be used with Tomcat and other ssl based apps?

Thanks for any guidance you can offer.
- Doug

Awstat alternative for WordPress Hosting

ch 12 months ago in Other / Tools 0
I just changed my plan from a 'launch' one to a "WP" one. And I'm really satisfied!
But I terribly miss AWSTAT (which is not available on the WP plans due to the nginx configuration)
I did not foresee that I will loose it in the process, and now I don't have any statistic tool.
Could you suggest a few awstat alternative options that are easy to set up? (and free if possible!)


Email asking for credit card photo

Przzz 12 months ago in Other / General Information 0
Hi, i just purchased your "Power" Shared hosting plan
I called the sales departament to verify my account, everything went ok but then i got an email asking for a photo of my ID and Debit Card, is this normal or is it some kind of phishing?

Stage or Swap Website?

fblittle 1 year ago in Other / General Information 0
I want to change my Theme from the Enfold Theme that I am now using to using the DIVI theme, however, it requires me to re-write each page if there is any change to the page because it looks like the content on each page must be built by only one editor or things won't work right on the modified pages. I would like to "Stage" this website so that I can modify my web pages then restore the modified Pages to my site without disrupting my site for the visitors. What is the best way to do this?

Can I build and then transfer another website on my Inmotion account to my primary site?

My Second Question is: Is there a generic domain that I can use to stage a website then transfer it to my primary website? Do I have to buy another domain just to test a website?

From my questions, you can probably understand what I am trying to do. If you have any advice or suggestions, please let me know what I need to do to get there and what the best, easiest, way of doing this at inmotion?

Creating new website while waiting for transfer

InMotionFans 1 year ago in Other / General Information 0
I am waiting for my website to be transferred from iPage to Inmotion. Can I start creating a 2nd one in Inmotion now?

Cannot install Concrete 5

Once I created my new hosting account I tried to install Concrete 5 and I got the following error:
"Required PHP extension not found : mcrypt"
Please explain why.

connection abborted URL:Phishing warning

when i click http://biz254.inmotionhosting.com/plus my username, i get this warning: connection aborted because it was infected with URL:Phishing warning.
Is this a false warning?

subdomain still not working

retail50 1 year ago in Other / General Information 0
i setup a subdomain yesterday and i know it says can take upto 24hrs, its almost that now and its still not showing online ?