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server related quere which so i menation below

usmanab1 1 year ago in Our Software and Tools / Cpanel 0
when i installed the pretashop its shwoing

showing these errors
(1)Fileinfo extension is not enabled
(2) Intl extension is not loaded
(3)Install and enable the iconv extension.

Is it possible to change default cPanel username?

lh536 1 year ago in Our Software and Tools / Cpanel 0
Hi, is it possible to change the default cPanel username? How can I change it? Thank you!

The Log in is invalid

Fred24 1 year ago in Our Software and Tools / Cpanel 0
I cannot make successful log in, after i input my Username and pasword- The Log in is invalid appear on the screen. I am using Phone and desktop to access my webmail. Currently, ONLY in my Phone the account is active- can receive incoming mail but cannot make successful reply (sending failed). the said issue is true for some weeks now. Only yesterday that i have encountered the issue in accessing it in my desktop. It started right after i deleted my browsing history for the past months. I cannot make log in as it says Log in is invalid.

scheduled cron job not working

larsonc 1 year ago in Our Software and Tools / Cpanel 0
My site was moved to a different server. I recently realized that the scheduled cron jobs had stopped working. This is the path: /opt/php72/bin/php -q /home/mysite/public_html/cli/akeeba-backup.php

I updated the php to 7.2. What am I missing?

My email SMTP client is being blocked by the server

nryker 2 years ago in Our Software and Tools / Whm 0
We have a VPS with you and on it we are trying to connect our email sending client (hosted on our domain foundfirst.com) with our SMTP relay server but it is giving the following error: https://www.screencast.com/t/J1lKg9t0ZBt

The support staff for our sending platform was able to connect with the same credentials from the sender installed on their own server, and here is what they said:

Our email sender is hosted in a subfolder on our domain foundfirst.com

What could be causing the software on our domain to be blocked from connecting to our SMTP relay server?

Update DNS Zone using api

I'm trying to update a DNS A record using a custom script, but it always gives me Access Denied. What would be the correct api call for this? And where can I get an authorization token to include in the call? Here's the api url I'm using to test fetching some info, using Postman: https://.com:2083/cpsessXXXXXXXXX/json-api/cpanel?cpanel_jsonapi_user=&cpanel_jsonapi_apiversion=2&cpanel_jsonapi_module=ZoneEdit&cpanel_jsonapi_func=fetchzone_records&domain=.com Thanks

Reset User Email Password

I am setting up all the initial email accounts for my company. I see how to setup the account to require an initial password from the user. If the user forgets his password, I would like to reset this action so the user receives a new initial password email, or set the password for one-time use and require the user to reset it on next login. Please advise.

PHP Maximum execution time of 30, how to change this

I´d like to increase the execution time on the PHP parameters

Unable to Perform Automatic Updates WHMCS 7.5

mashhoodgee 2 years ago in Our Software and Tools / Whm 0

I was unable to update my WHMCS to newest version. Please update IonCube.

Unable to Perform Automatic Updates
Your system has ionCube Loader 5.1.1. Please install ionCube Loader 10.1.0 or higher to update to WHMCS Version 7.5.0. Learn More

Thanks in advance
Best Regards
Mashhood Ahmad

can't find my main site on cpanel

awaken24 2 years ago in Our Software and Tools / Cpanel 0
It used to be that I could go to the cPanel link on the WHM home page, and get logged into the cpanel for any of my domains by selecting from a drop-down list in the upper left corner of the screen.

Now, I can't access my domains; on the awakeningdynamics-temp.com, which was a throwaway setup years ago.



How do I get to the cpanel for my other domains?