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How do you go about rebranding the admin section in open cart?

tc3 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Opencart 0
Hi Dudes,

Anyone got any tips on how to rebrand the admin section in open cart... Help is much appreciated.


Permission Denied

abid 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Opencart 0
Hello, can anyone help me; find solution to "hide" the pages instead of showing "Permission Denied! You do not have permission to access this page, please refer to your system administrator."

That doesnt look good. I dont want to let users know there are pages (not assign) shown on menu.

Remove cubecart from my website?

crafts15 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Cube Cart 0
I installed cube cart on my website and I do not want it. How do I uninstall it?

How does one set items for sale to remove automatically in opencart

eaglescda 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Opencart 0
I am selling grocery coupons on my site and need to know how once I post an item for sale, it automatically removes when it expires. For example, if I post a coupon for sale today (6/14/12)and its expiration date is 6/30/12, I want it to automatically remove itself on 6/30/12.


How do I activate/enable the caches in Magento manually?

Spearo 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Magento 0

I disactivated/disabled the caches with the Admin panel, to add some modifications to my website. Unfortunately when I finished, I forgot to reactivate the caches.
Now my website is no more reachable. My browser says that it is due to the fact that the caches are disabled/refused.

Isn't it possible to activate the caches manually? Maybe by modifying the value of rows in a table of the database?

Thanks a lot for your help and answers.

open cart seo

ccwcigarzar 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Opencart 0
yes.. ive recently installed the mod-rewrite apache handler and enabled the use seo function on my open cart sever radio button.. im wondering how long does it generally take to propagate the main search engines before i can start to see results in the search engines.. i.e google.. bing... yahoo. etc.. i have modified the htaaccess to .htaccess as well

How to host OpenCart Downloadable Products on a different server

p.zehfroush 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Opencart 0
i set up the open cart in one host , and want to upload the downloadable product in other host and link them to my product how to do it ! i know i can create a downloadable product in Catalog > Downloads , i can upload a file and i can add the link of them in create a product , and i don't know how to add the link of download in the other host file

ZenCart Internal Server Error

troutlily 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Zen Cart 0
I am in the process of upgrading Zencart. I have installed it in a new folder and hope to get it up and running. I've tried this about 5 times now because of various things going wrong in the process. I am now getting an internal server error when i attempt to log into the admin page.

Database connection error during magento install, help!

jasonotr 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Magento 0
Intalling magento v.

Followed the guide for the installation.

Entered the proper database / user / password on MySQL Databases.. Give the proper permissions to the user.

I uploaded magento/sample data to the database.

Went to mywebsite.com/magento/install and followed the walk-through, I got a "Database connection error." My current setting were: local host, user, password.


How can i configure my database? make sure the local host is the correct host?

Should I upgrade OpenCart to 1.5.2

USAeshopFrance 8 years ago in Ecommerce / Opencart 0