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How to Use Form Mail

InMotionFans 6 years ago in Other / Team 0

Your instructions for making form mail is detailed and useful. I already have a form mail in my web site. but i want something like this:

Please take a look at this page. she has a gray button that if you click

it asks email of the sender and receiver and the stuff that you see.

it works nicely. I want to make something like this and add to my web site. I have looked at the source of her page and see two pieces of the script there that does this thing. but i am not sure how to glue them together and make it work. perhaps if you soend a little time yopu can work it out.

if you do and if you write an ionstruction page, then it will be helpful for me and most probably for many other people. it is a good function for a web site.



wish you happiness



Reboot times on your virual servers

InMotionFans 6 years ago in Other / Team 0
With our current hosting provider we have a 80gb (80% diskspace used) virtual server that they have rebooted for 3 times this month now due to "Security Updates". Every time it takes more than 6 hours for them to reboot the servers. What is your policy on security updates and how long does it take for a reboot to finish.
We have clients running high profile surveys and we can not sit without service for 6 hours during our peak time (we serve South African clients).
Thanks for assiting,

How to Check for Dedicated IP

InMotionFans 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
Hello I have a service with u guys sorenfilms.com , I need a fix IP address at this point im not sure if I d ave that or how do i go about getting it , trough you if that is posible - thank you

Problems Sending Emails

Sindal 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
I've for some weeks experienced problems with outgoing emails, as in unable to send as the mail "freezes". It is typical mid/later afternoon/evening as right now 8.20 pm.

Biz 100 status

rgold1963 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
What is the current status and expected time of this server going back online? Can't email support obviously(is it?)and after being on hold forever this morning I was told it would only be another hour. That was 4 hours ago.

Move me to another server

aplatac 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
My website and email is hosted on server BIZ100, which has now been down nearly 9 hours.

I can't believe InMotion hasn't move me and others to a server that is working.

My position on the customer service queue keeps changing, and wait times are more than 90 minutes. No email to contact you, and I'm now looking for a phone number, other than sales.

This is the biggest clusterfuck I've experienced with a hosting service in five years, and that includes ixwebhosting, which is no prize. I expected more from you guys and am very disappointed.

Broken images after publishing website

joeg629 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
First off I am using MAC with mountain lion. My web builder is Kompozer. I am re-designing a site I originally published in 2009 www.cookingedu.com. The images on the HOME page disappear after publishing. I've looked into everything I know including src making certain that no file:/// ..images are there. I do have a dedicated images folder in my site. Images on other pages are okay although I have had similar problems, but fixed them by correcting src. Suggestions?

Where is Function Feature in PHPMyAdmin?

johnm 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
I'm having password problems. I got instructions to go to wp_users and change the password there. So far so good. But the instructions then say to locate MD5 under the "Function" drop down. I cannot find the word function anywhere. Is this an outdated set of instructions? I need to know how to proceed from here.

Why is Business Class Hosting Being Slow to Load

zhaipeople 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
I'm using the power business class hosting, and bandwidth transfer will be 600MB, I just wonder why my website getting slow right, and I can not reach my site when 10 visitors online?

Suspension on Domain-only Hosting

andrewdill 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
in our account management panel there are 3 entries.

the first is the domain registration for the website of our practice.

the second and the third are domain registration and launch plan for another domain. both are suspended.

now i´m wondering why there is no launch plan for the first entrie? is the hosting here included?

thank you!