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Opencart - Remove products reviews completely

Nandol 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
I don't need the product reviews functionality for my site. No stars needed, nothing.

I have disabled it from the Opencart dashboard, the Catalog>Reviews section as well, indeed almost everything - but it continues to appear in the Product Comparison page.

Anyone know how to get rid of the reviews and stars?

Any help is much appreciated.

Poor service quality

Krumble 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
I have space with your company and use Moodle to deliver class content to high school students.

I left bluehost because I was getting below average performance with browsers timing out a lot.

I am a high school teacher and run my Moodle to have students do most of the work online so uptime is very very important.

After a few months with your company I have to say I am very displeased with the service. It is not uncommon for my students to get no service to my website every day. This is bad especially when they are taking an online quiz.

I was sold on almost 100 percent uptime and I am not getting anywhere close to that. Although the site may be technically up most of the time, if I have more than five students hit the site at once it screeches to a hault.

Can something be done to get me better service? I don't want a dedicated host but I feel my shared host should be able to handle 12 students taking quizzes and I am currently not getting that.


How do I remove Tiny Web Gallery?

Catman2 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
I installed Tiny Web Gallery and it took over my entire add on web site www.artistjerryward I attempted to regain control by uninstalling the application but their was no change. I deleted my entire add on site and republished but that didn't work either. I type in my Url as above and I get page can't be found error. What can I do to get thinks back the way they were?

AWStats update

Sindal 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
Unable to update the log. This message shows
Error: Log is currently being processed in the background. Cannot update.


ayman hamid 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
I want to plug the live chat in my websit

Best ecommerce cart for me

punkin 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
I have setup my shop in eshop using plesk, but it allows nil stock items to be purchased. I would like to use a free shop that allows me to accept paypal payments but has better inventory control. I am a complete noob when it comes to web design. Which is the best system for me?

Thank you for your answer and i have looked now at opencart. I still can't see from the demo if it will allow a nil stocked item to be sold.
Do you know if that is the case?

Why is the web analyzer and logaholic hasnt been working since I signed up months ago.

unique82 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
I keep getting the phrase "Where working on it, but we can updated for you"... Excuses.... I am very disappointed that it takes this long and it still is not resolve. IT professional for over 20yrs and was always able to solve any server issues... If you have products and packages with your offer, you guys should make sure they are working properly before signing some one up.... The error I get everytime I hit update is :

"Error: Log is currently being processed in the background. Cannot update"

I have been responding to Craigs list ads and none of the emails have been recieved by Craigs list advertisers. This seems to be a problem only with Craigs lis

Courtney 7 years ago in Other / Team 0
Its very frustrating. I place an inquiry and no response. I tried sending it from webmail and from Outlook but no one has received my emails. I finally had my husband send an email to the same Craigs list email and the person responded immediately and indicated that they never received anything from me.