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I cannot access by ssh

ftorletti 2 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0
Hi, I need specific information for access to the server by ssh.
using the account username and shared IP Address, it returns this error "port 22: Operation timed out".
Any solution?

Problem installing odoo in account

mikeand 3 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0
I have been trying to install odoo into an account, it all appeared to be going well but on completion of the install process, I get a
Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.

This happens whether I use the ip address or the domain name, all processes appear to be running fine when checked but no front end access.

Checking back on the install I found a collection of errors relating to
Error: Package: psysh-0.8.3-1.el7.noarch (epel)
Requires: php-date
also errors relating to package drush.

I have used the instructions from odoo.com and a set of instructions specific to centos from a third party site. Same result for both.

I am wondering if I would have better luck compiling from source?
Is the fact that postgres is already install causing an issue.

Root SSH to specific account

mikeand 3 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0
I have enabled root on my vps account, how do I navigate to carry out root commands only on a specific account. Or does the root enabling allow me to login as admin user on any of my accounts then su?


theme will not download

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0
I purchased a themeRex Windsor apt theme and the installer is unable to install it. He has tried several times and I have talked to support many times. They have even gone into the author's notes on the themes and say all configurations are above the required amounts. Please advise asap....I have a client that I may lose their account as it has been four days of back and forth. My installer tried again and keeps getting the following message:

dedalxApr 14 2017, 1:35 pm
They does not fixed anything. You still have the same issue. As I described before PHP.ini settings does not have any relations to this error, because error comes not after max_execution_time timeout, it comes IMMEDIATELY after 1 second from start. This means that something on hosting does not configured properly and some theme function for import (or wordpress function) return fatal server error.

dedalxApr 14 2017, 1:36 pm
Screenshot with POST request details - http://take.ms/z7vcb

Disk Space on IMH Server Filling Up

mikeand 3 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0
Hi, I have a backup process that is filling my vps to capacity, I am trying to log in via ftp to remove the cpanel backups but when I log in using any of my credentials I do not see the /Backup directory that it should be using.

I have logged in using vps.whatever, ip address and domain name, obviously seeing the same thing each time still not the /Backup directory where all the backups should be.

Any help much appreciated.


Does Share Hosting Allow the Following Services

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0
1. PHP Version 5.3.1 or higher

2. MySQL client version: 5.1.41 or higher

3. PDO Installed

4. CURL Open

5. Session enabled

6. Mail functions enabled

7. Mod_Rewrite Module Enabled

Or can this only be in VPS?

Thanks in Advance,

My Server is Not Up and Running

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0
Hello my VPS server, it is really bad, so far I have sent 35 emails, everyone says that everything is down, that is wrong, that it recovers, etc ....

I can not understand what happens, my server is www.solopaisas.co. We need an expedient solution or saver that happens.

Thank you

Connection SSH - error: out of memory in flist_expand [sender]

Laggemann 3 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0
We are implementing an update system for wordpress, via wordmove, we use a SFTP services to download and transmit the files, but when it starts to download from the server, this error: out of memory in flist_expand [sender], someone helps?

Guide to adding domain on VPS?

WREmanuel 4 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0
I have an existing VPS and want to add a domain. I have registered the domain name and acquired protection. Does InMotion Hosting have a guide to adding a domain to an existing VPS Apache server currently hosting only one domain? I have a good sense of the concepts involved, but want to follow InMotion approaches as much as possible.

Why is our server Blacklisted?

performanceautogroup 4 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0

Our server is blacklisted. Please see this page:

This has also happened before. Please see if we can fix this issue permanently.