View/Change Project Settings with InMotion Central

Learn How to View/Change Project Settings With InMotion Central

When you are working on a project you may need to know some information about it such as the publishing status, available environments, or the project details. In this guide, we’ll show you how to view or change project settings with InMotion Central. Since the option is available in the same section, we will also show you how to delete a project as well.

How to Access Project Settings

  1. Login to InMotion Central.
  2. Roll your mouse over the project you want to work with and click The Bridge button.
    Accessing The Bridge
  3. Click the Project Settings option on the top left of the page.
    Accessing Project Settings

You will then see several sections on the page, below we’ll go over each section and what you can do there.


Here will be listed all of the environments that are included in this project. When you click the button under Actions, you will see the following options.

Project Environment Settings
View DashboardThis link will take you to the main landing page for “The Bridge”.
RenameThis will give you the option to enter a new name for the environment. Click the Update button to save your changes.
DeleteWhen you click this you will see a confirmation message asking if you want to permanently delete the environment. You can enter the environment name then click the Delete button to proceed.

Project Details

Here you can view or change the project name and description which can help identify the purpose of this specific project.

  1. Update the Project Name and Description as needed.
  2. Click the Update button to save your changes. You are finished when you see a message stating that it was “Updated Successfully!
    Updating Project Details With InMotion Central

Delete a Project

If you no longer need a project, there is an option to delete them on the bottom of the page.

  1. Click the Delete button.
    Deleting a Project From InMotion Central
  2. A confirmation message will ask if you want to permanently delete the project. Enter the project name and the Delete button will light up.
    Entering Project Name
  3. Click the Delete button. You are finished when you see a “Delete successful” message.

Congratulations, now you know how to view or change project settings with InMotion Central.

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