What are Premium Connect Keys?

Learn What Premium Connect Keys Are

If you want to take your InMotion Central website to the next level, a Premium Connect Key is a great way to get access to many advanced features in a single bundle. When you purchase a Premium Connect Key, you receive access to a full suite of tools to help you build and manage your custom WordPress websites.

In this guide, we’ll go over what is included with Premium Connect Keys, and explain how they can help you build and manage your websites better. We’ll also show you how to copy and replace a connect key.

What is Included with Premium Connect Keys?

Many of the following addons have free versions available and you can upgrade them individually. A Premium Connect Key will give you access to all the upgraded versions at the same time.

Premium Connect Account

This includes Premium Support so you can reach out to the BoldGrid team for help directly via private email, instead of using their public forums.

Total Upkeep Premium

Along with all the standard backup and migration features of the Total Upkeep plugin, the Premium license also includes premium support and the ability to automatically upload backups remotely to a 3rd party service such as Amazon S3 and Google Drive. Here are some of the other features included with the Premium version of Total Upkeep:

  • Single file restorations
  • Review/restore different versions of files
  • Save backups of files modified during plugin updates
  • Review update history logs/data
  • Remote backup storage

Post and Page Builder Premium

The Post and Page Builder by BoldGrid is a block-based web builder for WordPress and offers an easy way to build responsive sites quickly. The professionally designed page elements also include content to help inspire you. But the Premium license adds the following features so you can customize your website further.

  • Premium plugin support
  • BoldGrid premium blocks
  • Sliders
  • Blog Widgets

Playground Environments

A Premium Connect Key includes 15 Playground Environments. You can think of these playground environments as sandboxes that contain completely separate websites. These “staging” sites are a great way to test your website changes in a safe environment, before modifying the live production site. This is also a great way for web developers to build multiple websites for clients that they can showcase before publishing live.

For example, you could replicate the same content in separate playground environments using different themes. This will help your customers compare sites so they can choose the one they prefer. You can then push the final site to a new server or an existing WordPress setup.

For more information, check out our full guide on Using Playground Environments With InMotion Central.

How to Purchase a Premium Connect Key

  1. Login to InMotion Central.
  2. Roll your mouse over the project and click The Bridge for the one you want to purchase the Premium Connect Key for.
    Accessing The Bridge
  3. Click Upgrades then Addons in the menu.
    Access Upgrades & Addons
  4. Click the Choose Package button under Premium Connect Key.
    Selecting the Premium Connect Key Package
  5. You will see the price listed and you can choose if you want to purchase the Premium Connect Key alone or with the Crio Premium Super Theme. Click the Select button for the one you want to purchase.
    Choosing Your Premium Connect Key Package
  6. Here you can select a credit card or enter your billing address and credit card details if it’s not already on file. You can also view your card summary, and total. After agreeing to the terms of service, click the Submit Order button. You’re finished when you see a “Purchase Complete” message, you can scroll down to view our invoice.

How to Copy/Replace a Connect Key

Copying a key is a quick way to install it on an existing WordPress setup, and you may need to replace a Connect Key for security purposes if you suspect it is compromised. If you want to copy or replace a Connect Key, you can access them in the Upgrades section of InMotion Central.

  1. Login to InMotion Central.
  2. Roll your mouse over the project and click The Bridge for the one you want to purchase the Premium Connect Key for.
  3. Click Upgrades then Connect Key in the menu.
    Accessing Connect Key
  4. You can now click the Copy button to save your Connect Key to the clipboard.
    Copying Your Connect Key With InMotion Central
  5. If you want to replace your Connect Key for security purposes, click Replace Key.
    Replacing a Connect Key with InMotion Central
  6. You will then see a warning stating that “Your current Connect Key will become invalid. You must update your WordPress installation(s) with the new key.Check the box to confirm that you want to replace your Connect Key.
  7. Click the Submit button.
    Replacing Connect Key

    You will then see a message stating that you connect key was “Successfully Replaced” and your new Connect Key will be listed.
  8. Click the Okay. Got it! button to return to the Connect Key page.

Congratulations! Now you know what’s included with Premium Connect Keys, how they can help you build and manage your WordPress websites, and how to copy/replace a Connect Key.

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