What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

The king of the web hosting space is without a doubt the Dedicated Hosting server.

Unlike a shared hosting server, which provides a server divided among many different accounts, a dedicated hosting server gives you complete control over an entire web hosting server.

You Own All of The Resources

With dedicated hosting, you have complete control over resources. This means you can allocate as much power as you need in any area.

WordPress Hosting

Use our WordPress special recipe to host blazing fast WordPress sites (the Internet standard).

Your own Media Server

The dedicated environment is an ideal place to store media resources like video files, images, podcast files, or virtually any kind of streaming media.

Reseller Hosting to the next level

Everything you can do with our popular Reseller hosting plans is also available in the dedicated hosting environment. However, you have a whole server dedicated solely to you and your customers. This means resource management should be no trouble at all.

Email Services

We give you all tools you need to manage email server configuration.

For more information about everything you can do with dedicated web hosting, be sure to check out our complete Dedicated Server product guide.

Advanced Support

The dedicated server class gives you access to our upper tier web hosting support team. Bring in any problem you may be having and we’ll see if we can find a solution that works for you.

If you need more customized solutions, you can take advantage our Managed Hosting support options to run complicated administrative tasks and provide necessary maintenance.

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