Updated dedicated server specs

If you have a dedicated server with InMotion Hosting, you might have noticed that our dedicated server specs have been updated recently on our dedicated servers page.

As a valued customer we are more than happy to upgrade your server’s RAM and monthly bandwidth transfer limit to keep up with your current needs.

Available updated server specs

Server class Current RAM Updated RAM Current transfer Updated transfer
Essential 2GB 4GB 4TB 6TB
Advanced 4GB 8GB 6TB 10TB
Elite 8GB 16GB 8TB 10TB
CC-1000 16GB 32GB 10TB 15TB
CC-2000 32GB 64GB 10TB 15TB

Cost of updated server specs

Server class Price change 12 month term 6 month term 1 month term
Essential None $189.99/mo $199.99/mo $219.99/mo
Advanced None $219.99/mo $229.99/mo $249.99/mo
Elite (regular price) +$10 all terms $289.99 -> $299.99 $299.99 -> $309.99 $319.99 -> $329.99
Elite (first year only) +$10 all terms $219.99 -> $229.99 $239.99 -> $249.99 $259.99 -> $269.99
CC-1000 +$20 all terms $469.99 -> $489.99 $519.99 -> $539.99 $549.99 -> $569.99
CC-2000 +$20 all terms $569.99 -> $589.99 $609.99 -> $629.99 $649.99 -> $669.99

Server specs not available for update

Unfortunately older dedicated server customers are not elibile for a CPU upgrade with these new plans. Additionally it is not recommended to upgrade the hard drive on an existing dedicated server due to the downtime and possible loss of data that can happen sometimes with these types of very large data transfers.

We generally recommend reviewing disk space usage on your server and getting rid of data you no longer are using if you are running low on disk-space prior to thinking about upgrading your server’s hard drive. If you absolutely do want a higher capacity hard drive you can still submit this request to us, but again it’s not recommended in most situtations.

Request updated server specs

If your dedicated server doesn’t match your current needs and you’d like for the RAM and monthly transfer limit specs to be updated, please be sure to submit a verified ticket in AMP requesting the upgrades for your dedicated server.

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