How to View Softaculous Scripts with Unmet Requirements

In this article: View Scripts Fix Issues VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting offers more opportunities to improve security with root access. One of the easiest ways to improve security is to uninstall out-of-date software. The Softaculous auto-installer eases the process of installing over 300 different web applications. Many of them haven’t been updated in months Read More >

How to Customize Top Softaculous Scripts for cPanel

Date: 09/06/2019 | 2 Minutes to Read In this article: Configure Settings Customize Top Scripts As mentioned in “How to View Outdated Installations in Softaculous,” security is everyone’s responsibility. Not only can you disable outdated scripts in Softaculous, you can also improve cPanel user’s experience by arranging more popular scripts to show first. This potentially Read More >

How to View Outdated Installations in Softaculous

In this article: View Outdated Installations Email cPanel Users Edit Email Template Surveys ranking reasons websites get hacked almost always have the same thing listed as the #1 reason: outdated software. Security, like customer service, is everyone’s responsibility. cPanel users can see the number of Outdated Installations on their Softaculous homepage. Meanwhile, VPS Hosting Read More >

How to Disable Outdated Scripts in Softaculous

In this article: Softaculous Scripts Custom Scripts Every installed application affects your server security posture. For VPS and Dedicated Hosting customers, this includes pre-installed Softaculous installations. On Shared hosting accounts that responsibility is transferred to us as we accommodate different types of customers. VPS and Dedicated Hosting users with root access have access to harden Read More >

How To Import Manually Installed Programs into Softaculous

This tutorial explains how to import a program into Softaculous. This is good to know if you have manually installed a program available through Softaculous applications and want to use Softaculous management tools like backup, restore, clone, etc. You can also import programs installed using Softaculous. How to Import Programs Into Softaculous Log in to Read More >

How to Restore a Softaculous Backup

The previous guide showed you how to create and download a backup using Softaculous. In this tutorial, we will show you how to restore the backup you created using Softaculous. This is helpful since it allows you to restore your own full website backup, including your database. Restoring your website using a Softaculous Backup Log Read More >