Which Plan Should I Select as a Reseller?

InMotion Hosting provides Reseller plans that range from three shared server plans and three VPS plans.

  • R-1000S – Beginner Plan
  • R-2000S – More Resources at an Affordable Price
  • R-3000S – Top Shared Reseller Plan
  • Reseller VPS-1000 – Starting VPS level for Resellers
  • Reseller VPS-2000 – Balance of Power and Resources
  • Reseller VPS-3000 – Top-of-the-line Performance for VPS hosting

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Shared Servers versus VPS

If you are providing services for websites that do not have a lot of functionality – meaning the website pages are fairly static – then you may want to consider using a shared server plan. The bandwidth provided for these plans is lower and there’s less space, so another factor you should keep in mind to use Shared servers is the amount of bandwidth that they consume.

VPS servers have much more bandwidth and also include up to 5 IP addresses (in the VPS-3000 plan). Customers have much more resources available for their sites, and you have more control through root access with a VPS server. This is a level of control that you will not have with the Shared serves. The Reseller VPS plans are good for e-commerce sites providing higher bandwidth requirements.


If you’re just starting and you have customers who have relatively simple websites, then you will want to stick with a Shared Reseller plan. It costs less and provides everything you need for starting up reseller hosting. VPS Reseller plans will cost more, but they provide much better environments for higher volume websites and websites that require more control of the resources websites or online applications require.

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