How to Resell Domains through the InMotion Store

As part of the hosting services you can offer as a Reseller, you may want to include domain registration. Allowing your customers to register new domain names adds significant value to your overall offerings, so you can be a one-stop shop for all their web hosting needs.

Check out InMotion’s Reseller Hosting solutions. You’ll find secure, optimized, hosting that will meet your budget needs.

The InMotion Store lets you buy domains through eNom, so you can manage multiple domains through one account.

How to Create Your InMotion Store Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create Account
  3. Fill out the relevant information and Create Account

Once inside your account you can register new domains from a wide variety of top-level domains.

An Explanation of Subaccounts (Sub-Retailer and Sub-Reseller)

Your new InMotion Store account is classified as Sub-Retail, but you can upgrade to Sub-Reseller. Both states allow you to register domains, but they have a few a distinctions you should be aware of.

For more information about the differences between Sub-Retailer and Sub-Reseller Subaccounts, you may want to check out our full guide on reseller sub-accounts.

Next, you can learn how to register a domain in the IMH store.

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