Why Your Business Should Be Using a Private Cloud

Why Your Business Should Be Using a Private Cloud

Moving to the Cloud can create a host of benefits for companies.  A good cloud strategy can improve flexibility, increase efficiency,  and boost performance. In addition, moving to the Cloud can allow an organization to grow its proficiencies in a way that can lead to growth and innovation. Not to mention the long-term reduction in IT costs.

Are you considering moving your business to the Cloud? The benefits can be vast. The ability to leverage on-demand computing resources that can scale as business needs grow is tantalizing. 

Companies are moving to the Cloud at record rates. As of 2020, six out of 10 businesses moved their work to the cloud. In 2021 51% of organizations are focusing on cloud migration.  (Source: Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report)

When learning about cloud options, it may be difficult to decide which option is best suited for your business. Due to the ubiquitousness of public clouds, a lot of businesses are focusing on their strategy around them. Public clouds seem like a safe bet due to their low cost of entry.  However, there are a lot of reasons that a Private Cloud is the best option for new and existing Cloud users.   

A private cloud service is a cloud platform that is exclusive to the user. It contains the user’s choice of hardware and software. Private clouds are usually managed internally by a company’s own  IT team. There are a lot of benefits to having and managing your own private cloud.

Improved Security

Private Clouds are more secure by default. With a Private Cloud, an organization has its own dedicated resources. One must be a part of the organization to be privy to their internal network to pierce the organization’s firewall.  Quite simply since it is private, it is not as easily accessible. People without access will not know it is even there. This can help in securing proprietary information such as customer information or financials. 

Complete Control

One of the benefits of the Public Cloud can also be a drawback. In a Public Cloud, you are generally subject to the network infrastructure that is shared by everyone on that cloud. However, in a Private Cloud, the network can be completely customized to the needs of the organization. This level of control allows for a lot more flexibility. An organization does not need to adapt processes to a different framework. 

Legal Compliance

Some Industries have very strict compliance standards that may dictate security. Sensitive data may require a private cloud in order to meet the compliance standards required by law.

Cost Control

In the past, a private cloud was built specifically for an organization. This will result in an upfront cost. However, a company will know what their monthly bill will look like. There are no surprises. Scaling takes more planning but budgeting can be done accordingly. This is why companies that need bursts of resources often opt for a hybrid cloud model. They can budget their expected processing needs with their private cloud. Then they can spin up a public cloud for use in quickly scaling up and scaling down. In 2021, on-demand private clouds became available and they have brought significant improvements.

On-Demand Private Cloud

One of the benefits of a public cloud is how quickly resources can be spun up and deployed. However, the next generation of Private Clouds is beginning to compete with that. New On-Demand Private Clouds, such as the Flex Metal Cloud by InMotion Hosting, give you all the benefits of the Private Cloud. These include security, full control, and predictable pricing. But now Private Clouds can boast the speed of deployment as well. With a Flex Metal Private Cloud, you can deploy your cloud in only 45 minutes. Enabling your team to get right to work on your projects and initiatives.

Why Your Business Should Be Using a Private Cloud

Becoming a cloud-native business is a hurdle that many organizations are facing.  Company leadership may be reviewing many options. Remember that there are viable affordable alternatives to the public cloud. Private Clouds can offer security, control, and peace of mind to any business. The new On-Demand Private Clouds can offer all this plus speed of deployment. 

Some organizations are looking for alternatives and migrating from the large public clouds. Others are integrating a cloud solution for the first time. Either way,  a private cloud can and should be a part of your cloud strategy. If you are operating at any significant scale, you should review the Private Cloud vs Public Cloud – Cost Tipping Points. Once at scale, the savings a private cloud can bring will be in the many hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

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