What Exactly is Kubernetes?


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The goal of this article is for you to have a general basic understanding of what Kubernetes and Kubernetes Containers and how the open-source platform is utilized. Please keep in mind, Kubernetes was developed by and for web developers, operators, system administrators, and other highly-technical professionals. 

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What Exactly is Kubernetes?

Originally developed by Google, Kubernetes is an open-source platform that automates the management of applications through containers. Often referred to as a container management tool, it automates container deployment, container scaling (descaling) and container load balancing.

Kubernetes is written in Go Programming Language (Golang), an open-source language with a huge community of developers and followers known as “Gophers”.  Developed in-house by Google, Golang grew quickly and was widely adopted thanks to Google successfully implementing it into some of their most popular applications such as Gmail and Youtube.

Benefits of Kubernetes Containers

Container packages isolate data from the application and host, making the container fast, efficient, lightweight and scalable. Containers can also group containers into one logical unit. This makes the containers easy to manage and deploy, which is another benefit of this open-source software.

However, containers are not without limitations. By nature, they are designed to be scalable to match your growth and needs, but when they become too large, you may run into issues. When scaling containers in large numbers, for example, 100 -150 containers, you will begin to reach limitations. After all, you have to make sure all of the containers are communicating with one another. If containers are not communicating correctly, the server will give you an error such as “no path to resolution.” 

Top Reasons Techies and Companies Choose Kubernetes

Regardless of size, companies are choosing Kubernetes and containers for several reasons.

  • Kubernetes and Containers Proven Track Record
    Thanks to a long track-record of being utilized by an industry-leader like Google, as well as their implementation into Gmail and Youtube, Kubernetes and containers are time-tested. And every web developer and system administrator loves a proven, time-tested open-source software. 
    • What this means to you and your business is simple: You can get a production-ready solution to run any size business. With open-source, there is basically no cost. This means a huge advantage for any business, with enterprise tools for any size business owner.
  • Kubernetes is Scalable On-demand
    Kubernetes auto-scaling feature covers your application when traffic capacity spikes. No more manually upgrading your infrastructure.
  • Kubernetes Containers are a Game Changer
    Containers are an amazing way to scale and keep your data grouped and managed properly. Setup is quick, and Kubernetes is designed to be a simple, cost-effective and manageable container orchestration for all of your business needs. 

Kubernetes is an amazing tool that is changing the landscape of technology quickly. It can change the way web developers and system administrators provision, scale, and streamline any size business operation. 

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