What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is the replication and hosting of servers by a third-party to provide failover in the event of a disaster. The backup service uses cloud resources to protect applications and data from man-made or natural disruptions. DRaaS provides a system backup that grants business continuity in the event of system failure. 

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How Does DRaaS Work?

Disaster recovery as a service is usually offered with a disaster recovery plan or business continuity plan — which is a structured document outlining guidelines for managing unplanned incidents. Through a contract or a pay-per-use model, DRaaS will back up vital data and handle failover to a secondary cloud computing environment when needed. By replicating the production infrastructure, the move to a secondary environment with all needed processes and data is easy and allows for a business to continue as usual. DRaaS also assists with the move back to the original server and immediately resumes replication services for the mitigation of possible future disasters.  

Advantages of DRaaS

Disaster recovery as a service gives businesses peace of mind by providing a solution that ensures business continuity if disaster strikes. Returning applications to production with DRaaS happens quickly because data does not need to be restored over the internet. DRaaS configuration, allocating, and testing are handled by the third party, making management optional allowing the business to focus their efforts on growth. It is also a cost-effective service as the business would not need to purchase and maintain its own disaster recovery environment.   

DRaaS is a great service that ensures the reputation, continuation, and profitability of a business. Though technology has improved, the possibility of an outage is still a real risk, and having steps in place to handle a disaster is a smart business decision, even if disaster never strikes. Flex Metal, in addition to being a powerful enterprise cloud solution, also has DRaaS and protects your data so your business can continue to grow. Experience and enjoy high-performance private cloud servers, check out Flex Metal today.

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