What is Cloud Privacy?

What is Cloud Privacy? And Why It Matters

When thinking about privacy on a cloud network a few things come to mind. You may be thinking, how do I keep my data secure? Or how do I keep my network locked down? In this article, we will discuss those things and more. 

Cloud Privacy is the concept of keeping your cloud secure and there are a plethora of ways that can be accomplished.

Multi-Factor Authentication

This is a system of authentication that allows for you to validate that you are in fact who you are logging into a system. For example the most well known is Two Factor Authentication (2FA) which requires authentication from a secondary source, typically a text message or an authentication application such as Authy or Google Authenticator. There can be more than just two ways to authenticate which is where multi-factor authentication comes in as you can use a fingerprint reader as well as other components to authenticate which helps keep your information secure. 

Data Center Security

This is not often something that a customer would need to worry about as this is typically handled by the company that you are purchasing cloud services from. Data Center Security has standard physical security practices that include things such as security guards, CCTV, fire prevention, natural disaster prevention locales. 

SSLs or Secure Socket Layer Certificates

These are an additional layer of encryption that allows for traffic to go to and from a network. This is the standard in encrypting traffic and keeping a secure connection. This prevents your information that you are sending from one source to another from being intercepted by malicious persons, for example, your credit card information is processed on a website that you are shopping on.  

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