What is a Bare Metal Cloud?

Bare metal cloud is a cloud service that allows customers to rent hardware resources from a provider like InMotion Hosting. Physical, dedicated servers with just CPUs, memory and storage are provisioned to create the cloud environments and can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of the enterprise. 

With our IaaS offering, we use OpenStack and you have full access to the hardware to create, manage, and optimize large scale deployments easily. It also comes fully ready to use from a private cloud resources standpoint.

In addition to the flexibility of configuring a cloud,  IT professionals managing the environments will also be able to work and troubleshoot without the worry of neighboring virtual machines. Usually, public clouds allow for multiple tenants and virtual machines, which can lead to competition for resources. However, because bare metal clouds are comprised of dedicated servers, enterprises live in their own environments without the worry of neighbors. 

Another great benefit of bare metal is the cloud storage and the ability to provision and deploy storage as needed and on-demand.  Enterprises are also able to use their bare metal cloud environments any way they wish. This includes running specific operating systems and applications, as well as installing hypervisors to create their own virtual machines.

Bare metal clouds give enterprises the cloud service and hardware they need to successfully run a business per their requirements and needs. Quick provisioning and flexibility also ensure resources always meet the needs of the business and its customers.

Now that you’ve learned about bare metal cloud environments and how they can assist with IT operations of an enterprise, explore the benefits of our bare metal servers. Experience bare metal in action, and learn more about Flex Metal and the tools that form this powerful cloud solution.

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