Private Cloud OpenStack On-Demand – Release Update V0.7.2

Flex Metal Cloud Release V0.7.2 – July 1, 2020

Flex Metal Release

Here at InMotion we are reshaping OpenStack a bit from the traditional deployment.  We have always worked with smaller companies.  No enterprises on our customer roster.  So we have a different goal – enable lots of small clouds versus one large cloud.

With small business needs driving us, we are aiming at:

  • Production grade OpenStack and Ceph on a 3 server footprint.
  • Spun up in 20 minutes.
  • Add additional servers in another 20 minutes.
  • Private control plane.
  • Charge by the hour.
  • Keep the costs low and, absolutely, absolutely, beat the TCO of running on the mega clouds including your team costs if you manage your own private cloud with us.

Up to this point, the Release Leads have presented individual parts of our overall system. The key goals of the individual systems are being met consistently. As we are an “API first” company, the theory is that when we bring it together, it should be relatively straight forward. That is the theory at least!

Next week, I will post an update on how we are doing. Many things are close and we do not anticipate not meeting the major goals, but it is always tough at the final stages to get everything to align.

If you really want to dig into what we are doing, see Why is on Demand OpenStack important for SMBs.

Also, if you believe in Open Source and your company is using a “Mega Public Cloud”, please consider our on demand Flex Metal Private Cloud. Built on Open Source, no lock in, better costs, and private from the start.

Todd Robinson
Todd Robinson President at InMotion Hosting, BoldGrid, and – a big OpenStack fan!

I would really appreciate any thoughts and guidance you might want to share. Please connect with me on LinkedIn or leave a comment below with requests or questions — even corrections if I managed to mess up something!

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