Kubernetes Cluster Template Added – FMC Release V1.2

Kubernetes Cluster Template Added
Kubernetes Cluster Template Added

On-Demand Private Cloud  V1.2 – May 12th, 2021

In our previous update, our On-Demand Private Cloud improvements were focused on two areas – stabilizing the automated provisioning and improving customer journeys.  We made the Cloud Operators Manual native to Central. Plus, we added additional monitoring of key automation. We even opened up free trials for users. Now we are making container Orchestration a little easier.

The OpenStack API Service known as Magnum is used to make container orchestration engines (in cluster configurations) in virtual machines or bare metal clouds. It does not perform orchestration itself, rather Magnum depends on OpenStack Orchestration and makes resources like Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Apache accessible in OpenStack.

Magnum requires templates in order to allow the popular container orchestration engines to be deployed. These templates define how various types of clusters are formed.  

New in V1.2

A recent release to the Flex Metal Cloud includes a Kubernetes Cluster Template. Kubernetes is a leading open-source container orchestration system.  It allows for automation of application deployment, as well as scaling and management of container workloads.

Having a predefined Kubernetes Cluster template native to the Flex Metal Cloud gives users the ability to immediately deploy a Kubernetes cluster using the Magnum API.

This time-saving update eliminates the need for users to create a template themselves and allows users to get started on working on their projects faster.

Making it easier and faster to provision and run OpenStack is another way we are empowering smaller teams to learn, run, and grow private cloud infrastructure. 

So, if you believe in Open Source and your company is using a “Mega Public Cloud”, please consider On-Demand OpenStack private clouds. Built on Open Source, no lock-in, better costs, and private from the start.

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