GPUs Added – FMC Release V1.3

GPUs Added
GPUs Added

On-Demand Private Cloud V1.3 – May 12th, 2021

In our previous update, our On-Demand Private Cloud improvements included the stabilizing of the automated provisioning and improving customer journeys.  We made the Cloud Operators Manual native to Central. Then we added a Kubernetes Cluster Template native to the Private Cloud, which helps simplify the process of container Orchestration.  Now we are expanding the core capabilities of our on-demand private cloud by adding Pre-built vGPU instances.

GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. They are computer processors that were originally designed to render graphics. However, they have grown to be instrumental in many applications.

GPUs are still being used in graphics and video rendering, especially in gaming. Now, however, GPUs are commonly used for creative productions and artificial intelligence.

New in V1.3

In the latest Flex Metal Cloud update, pre-built vGPU instances are available for both Ubuntu 20.04 and CentOS 8 Stream. Multiple pre-created flavors are available for use on our clouds. The vGPU type available for use with instances is defined for the nova-compute service.

The NVIDIA GRID driver comes pre-installed and is specifically created for vGPU and PCI-passthru applications. The NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit also comes pre-installed allowing users to easily build CUDA-based apps immediately. So users can spend less time on setting up their GPU instance and more time developing and perfecting their projects

Making it easier to add vGPUs is just another way we are empowering smaller teams to succeed using private cloud infrastructure.

If your company is still using a “Mega Public Cloud”, please consider On-Demand OpenStack private clouds. Built on open source, no lock-in, better costs, and private from the start.

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