On-Premise vs Hosted Private Cloud

On-premise vs. Hosted Private Cloud

As the popularity of private cloud solutions rises, more businesses are beginning to research and explore the benefits of adopting a cloud solution for their enterprise. Concerning the deployment of the cloud service, businesses can choose on-premise or hosted private cloud. But what are the differences between on-premise and hosted private cloud? This article will walk through the benefits of both to help you make an informed decision for your business. 

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On-Premise Cloud 

On-premise cloud solutions allow the business to host the cloud environment internally at their location. This option gives a business full control and flexibility over their internal data center, allowing them to have complete authority over the configurations of the servers and the hardware used. Also, if the business already has system administrators or other appropriate experts, deploying and managing the environment should be a fairly simple task. 

Though, with the decision to adopt an on-premise environment, a business is also taking full responsibility for cost and maintenance. This includes dealing with hardware failures and other possible disaster incidents. Businesses will also need to factor in additional costs for software licensing and staffing if system administrators aren’t already part of the team. 

Hosted Private Cloud 

Hosted private cloud solutions are services provided by a third-party vendor like InMotion Hosting. The private cloud solution deploys applications and stores data on a flexible infrastructure without the business having to invest in hardware, software, servers, and sometimes staff. Additionally, because the third-party infrastructure is configured to serve a wide array of organizations, businesses benefit from a large scale. This includes the availability of more resources to provision and on-demand scalability options for businesses to use. 

Hosted private cloud solutions can also help businesses with any server regulatory requirements they need to follow per their industry. The third-party will manage server access and security, provide support, and manage the environments. 

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