InMotion Hosting and Supermicro Success Story. A small footprint, cost-efficient on-demand OpenStack Private Cloud.

InMotion Hosting and Supermicro - Success Story

Supermicro recently published a success story describing how InMotion Hosting built an on-demand private cloud solution on Supermicro hardware. The high density and resulting cost efficiencies offered by Supermicro MicroBlade servers enabled the successful implementation of OpenStack as a Service concept for InMotion Hosting’s Flex Metal Cloud product.

Traditionally OpenStack has been used to power enterprise infrastructure and requires a significant investment of time and resources to develop and deploy. So, it was difficult for smaller teams and organizations to take advantage of the benefits of an OpenStack environment.

With Supermicro’s MicroBlade technology, InMotion Hosting’s Flex Metal Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform can deploy OpenStack on a smaller physical footprint than has ever been done before. Through resource tuning and service optimization, Flex Metal Cloud can fit an entire fully-featured OpenStack deployment on three Supermicro MicroBlade sled server nodes.

“Supermicro believes in the power of OpenStack and along with InMotion Hosting, wanted to make it easily accessible to smaller and mid-size IT teams. This is made possible through our MicroBlade technology that offers high density and cost efficiencies for a full-featured cloud computing experience to enable OpenStack as a Service. InMotion Hosting’s mission to accelerate private cloud deployment under 45 minutes is commendable and Supermicro is proud to support this.”

Srini Bala
Senior Director, Solution Technology, Supermicro

The hyper-converged OpenStack deployments on Supermicro’s MicroBlade technology allows InMotion Hosting to provide all of the features and functionality of OpenStack while lowering the total cost of ownership of server hardware. This allows for a more affordable cloud for the end consumer. The MicroBlade MBI-6219B-T41N and MicroBlade MBI-6219M-2N present a more efficient way to operate and utilize compute resources. The versatility of these servers also gives an edge over traditional server hardware architectures when it comes to optimizing power, cooling, data center space, and hardware utilization.

Powered by Supermicro’s MicroBlade architecture and OpenStack, Flex Metal Cloud offers a powerful alternative for cloud customers who are looking for the flexibility of public clouds, and could benefit from a fully private cloud architecture without long-term cost implications.


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