How to Setup Multiple Destinations for your Dedicated Server Backups

Note that you will need root access in order to use these directions. Backups are extremely important and should be kept in at least one different physical location than your dedicated server. WHM allows you to create additional destinations for your backup files. This insures that you have a backup available to you if a Read More >

How to Get Your Dedicated Server Backups Restored

There will come a time when you may need to restore a backup that has been made of your dedicated server installation. If you are using InMotion backups, you will need to act immediately as they are progressive backups that occur every 24-36 hours. When the backup runs, it overwrites the previous backup. Restorations are Read More >

How to Configure Backups or Backup Drives for your Dedicated server

Sections: Obtain Backups Configure Backup Drive Custom Backups Backup Locations If you are working on a computer, saving your work is a necessity. It keeps you from having to start over and over again. The concept of backups apply to just about any computing device and especially in the world of hosting websites. Making backups Read More >

AMP for Dedicated Hosting Customers

The Account Management Panel (AMP) is the main interface for your account with InMotion Hosting. AMP includes your billing, contact, and hosting services information for your dedicated server. You can also use AMP to view, change or remove services. Below are brief descriptions of each section in AMP and its most common uses. Manage My Read More >

How to Connect to your Dedicated Server via SSH

In this tutorial: 1. Adding IP to Firewall 2. Connecting with PuTTY, OpenSSH, or Terminal In this tutorial, we will show you how to connect to your dedicated server via SSH. This will allow you to interface with your server via Command Line Interface (CLI). First, we will show you how to add your IP Read More >

How to Enable cPHulk on your Dedicated Server

Note: you will require root access in order to follow these directions. In this tutorial, we will show you how to protect your Dedicated server from brute-force attacks by Enabling cPHulk. This is accomplished in the Security Center section of WHM (Web Host Manager). Setting up cPHulk Login to WHM as the root user. Type Read More >