How to Request Root Access to your Dedicated Server

When you have a Dedicated Hosting plan, there may be a time when you need root level access to your server. In this tutorial, we will show you how to request Root Access to your Dedicated Server.

Requesting Root Access for Dedicated Hosting

  1. Login to your AMP (Account Management Panel).
  2. Find your Dedicated Hosting plan, and click the Request Root Access button.
    Dedicated Hosting Root Access Request

  3. Read the information about obtaining Root Access. Then, click the check box next to “I fully understand the responsibility and stipulations set forth in obtaining root access.
    Obtaining Root Access on Dedicated Hosting

  4. You will then see the GET MY ROOT PASSWORD button appear. Click it to proceed.
    Request Root Password for Dedicated Hosting Server

    Allow some time for your password to be provisioned. You will then see your Root Password displayed, and a message stating “For security reasons this password will only be shown for 5 minutes after it has been reset. Make sure to write it down or store it in a password storage program before that time expires.
    View of Root password on Dedicated Hosting

Congratulations, now you know how to request root access to your dedicated server!

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