What is Web Hosting?

It’s no secret that an internet presence has a positive effect on the awareness and growth of a business or organization. Without it, you run the risk of losing potential leads and revenue as people search for and connect with your competitors online. However, before you create a website, you first must purchase web hosting. But what is web hosting?

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What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service by a web hosting provider, like InMotion Hosting, who provides a home for your website and allows it to be viewed by the public. The web hosting provider hosts and stores your website on their servers, as well as provides additional services like email accounts and website building tools.  

To look at this another way, for example, say you want to open a shop in your town. Before you’re able to open your doors, you first need to secure a location for your store. Once you settle on a location, you would then pay rent to the building owner.

Web hosting providers are the building owners but instead of renting store locations, they rent server space. In addition, just as the store locations can differ in square footage, allotted server space differs in size as well. Factors like website use, anticipated traffic, and needed storage space will determine the hosting plan used to get started. Most small businesses, organizations, and individuals find that the Business Shared Hosting plan is best when establishing or refreshing a web presence. Also, as the business and/or website grows, the hosting plan can be changed to accommodate growing business needs.

Can I Host From My Own Computer?

Though you can build and locally host a website on your own computer, you will need more resources for it to be easily accessible to the public. To host your website from your home computer, it would need to be connected to the internet at all times. You would also need to ensure you have a dedicated IP address for your location. Once you ask for one of those from your internet service provider (ISP), they may force you to upgrade to a business plan, which can cost hundreds of dollars per month.

Your computer would also need to be set up with dedicated webserver software and security software to block malicious intruders. In addition, you will also need to be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise with hosting the website and allowing your computer to run 24/7. Unless you’re an advanced user and have the resources, hosting your own website isn’t cost-effective or feasible.

Domain Name vs Web Hosting

Securing web hosting for your website and purchasing a domain name are two separate steps when establishing a web presence. We’ve defined web hosting as the home where the website will live, but you will still need to purchase a domain name for the website. A domain is not only the name of your website, but it also serves as its address, allowing potential customers to find and view your website. Registering a domain is easy and can be done before or after purchasing a web hosting plan.

What Type Of Hosting Plan Do I Need?

There are three main categories for hosting: Business Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. Each category has subcategories with varying resource limits. The type of hosting plan needed depends on the type of site you are going to have. Is it strictly informational? Will it have members? Are you going to run an eCommerce store? Below is a quick summary of the categories.

Business Shared Hosting
Business Shared Hosting is like an apartment building. The resources are shared by all tenants and the overuse of resources by one tenant will affect the rest of the tenants on the server. This plan is the less expensive option and is a great starting point for small businesses and individuals.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
VPS Hosting is much like a townhome, or row house. Each home unit is an account with its own resource allocation. VPS users also have more control over their site environment. However, similar to shared, tenants that overuse resources may have an effect on the other accounts on the server. Though, this is much less likely to happen on a VPS than on a shared server.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting is like owning your own house. You own the entire building. In this case, the entire server is yours. All the resources are dedicated to your account and no one can overuse your resources. In addition, much like a house, there are different server sizes, allowing you to upgrade to a larger dedicated server as your site grows.

What’s Next ?

Now that you understand how web hosting works, and may even have a general idea of what type of hosting you need, you can start the process of securing your web hosting and establishing your web presence. For more information, contact our live sales team either by phone (888-321-4678 (continental US only) +1-757-416-6575 (international)) or by our Sales Chat.

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