Force HSTS using .htaccess

HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) protects users from cookie hijacking and protocol downgrade attacks by forcing browsers to request HTTPS pages from your domain. HSTS is similar to a 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS but at the browser level. There may be a specific HSTS configuration appropriate for your website. The following are less Read More >

How to Install the WP Accessibility WordPress Plugin

In this guide, we will show you how to install the WP Accessibility WordPress plugin. This plugin allows you to improve your websites’ accessibility. You can learn more general information on WordPress accessibility from the WordPress Accessibility Manual. Installing the plugin Log into your WordPress website. Select Plugins from the sidebar and select Add New. Read More >

How to Generate SSH Keys

SSH access allows you to have ‘command-line access’ to the server that houses your account. This gives you a secure, remote connection to your server and account. The SSH program uses a password to connect, but it is easier and more secure to use SSH ‘keys’. These keys are a type of cryptographic challenge and Read More >