Q&A: West Coast Datacenter Move – February 2010

During the fourth week of February 2010, InMotion Hosting will be moving data center operations to a new facility in Downtown Los Angeles. The physical move will take place between the hours of 11pm PST and 3am PST from Sunday, February 21st, through Thursday, February 25th. This migration will only involve customers currently housed in our West Coast Data Center, and any resulting service interruption from this transition is expected to be no more than 45 minutes for individual accounts on one of the selected nights. Should you anticipate a critical need on any of these overnights, please contact us and we will attempt to schedule accordingly. As with such a big change, we anticipate there will be many questions from our users. The following is a list of common questions we have been asked by our users.

For specific updates, please be sure to check status.inmotionhosting.com, as we will be posting further information there during the week of the move.

Question: Do I need to backup my files before the datacenter migration?
Answer:While we do not expect any data loss during this migration, we strongly encourage all customers to maintain local backups of all mission critical data as an additional safeguard.
Question: Can I reschedule my server’s move?
Answer:Servers are being moved in groups based on the server’s location in the datacenter, which includes specific power circuits and network uplinks associated with your account’s regular operation. Due to both this and the number of servers being moved, we are not able to reschedule moves on a per-server basis by request. We will post further information to support.inmotionhosting.com during the week of the move, so be sure to check there for updates.
Question: Is my account being migrated to a new server, or is the physical server itself being moved?
Answer:Whole physical machines are being moved, which means accounts should operate just as they did before. No server configuration changes are being made.
Question: Will I need to make any DNS changes / will any of my IP addresses change?
Answer:Our network components are being upgraded but the upstream network is still the same. All dedicated IPs will remain intact and no DNS changes will be necessary.

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