Network Maintenance-Possible Support Delays

Planned MaintenanceIn an effort to improve the stability and availability of our Support Center, maintenance is being performed on the network infrastructure.
When Will This Occur?Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 8:00 PM (EST).
Who Will be Impacted? This maintenance pertains to the network infrastructure ONLY at our Support Center. Although downtime is estimated to only be 10 minutes, the Teams listed below will be unavailable during this time. However, they will remain on-site and eager to immediately resume normal operations once the maintenance completes.

  • Technical Support
    • includes:

    • Advanced Product Support (VPS/Dedi)
    • Website Transfers
    • Systems Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Web Design
  • Customer Community
  • Sales
How Can I Check the Status?During the time frames indicated above, for the latest updates on the progress of this maintenance, please refer to our Status Page.
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