Emergency Maintenance – Reseller Servers

Issue:Emergency Maintenance – Reseller Servers
Status:We are aware of some issues affecting the reseller servers, that is causing kernel panics.
Who is impacted? Users on Reseller servers: res140, ecres148, and ecres155.
You can find what server you are on here.
Estimated time until resolution:See below for more information.


Systems is performing emergency maintenance on the res140 server. This should deter further issues, until the problem is fully addressed by CentOS.


We will be performing maintenance tonight, then monitoring for issues over the weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience while we work through this issue. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

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2 thoughts on “Emergency Maintenance – Reseller Servers

    1. Hello JPS, and thanks for your comment,

      There have been some recent hiccups with the reseller servers due to recent CentOS updates that didn’t play nice with the cgroups functionality of BetterLinux which allows us to better manage bottleneck spikes on server resources.

      We were awaiting an official fix directly from CentOS, but because that seems to be a delayed process we went ahead and started working on some custom work arounds. We will be doing some more patching and testing this week-end to ensure the reseller platform is back to being a very stable platform for all of our customers.

      We definitely apologize for any inconvenience or frustrations these few recent issues have caused anyone, and I encourage you to submit a ticket if you are a customer of ours are severely affected by these problems so our Customer Care team can work with you.

      – Jacob

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