High Server load on Biz100 server

2011.10.17 11:50AM EST
We are aware of a high load on biz100 that is causing intermittent service outages. This has been traced back to an attack on the server. We are currently mitigating this attack in order to relieve the high load and bring all services back to normal.


2011.10.18 11:50AM EST
Biz100 is currently under high load due to a suspected attack against Apache. We are currently working on implementing a patch to address the problem.


2011.10.18 4:45AM EST
Biz100 is still experiencing high load and intermittent issues. Our senior administrators are currently investigating the issue in order to assist with resolving the issue.


2011.10.20 3:11PM EST
While the exact nature of the issue on biz100 has not been completely pinpointed, we believe we have narrowed this down to a hardware issue. In order to best assist our customers and mitigate the issue, our Senior Systems Team is currently working on migrating accounts to new hardware as quickly as possible. Customers affected should expect to receive an email from Systems regarding their account move. We understand how important stability and uptime are for all of our customers and are working to make this process go as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

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