Courier to Dovecot Maintenance

In preparation for cPanel upgrades, we will be converting all shared servers from Courier IMAP to Dovecot. This is a required change since Courier is no longer supported by cPanel.

The conversion process may result in POP/IMAP being down for a few minutes on your server, and during this process, you may experience temporary difficulties accessing your email.

Possible Issues

Email being re-downloaded

In rare occasions, your mail client may attempt to re-download email that you have already downloaded or marked as read. In cases we have seen, this will occur when you are using POP in your mail client with the option to keep email stored on the server. This is a one-time occurrence and should not continue to be an issue once the email has been re-downloaded.

Misc IMAP errors

More commonly with Outlook, you may see a problem where your mail client will show a non-descriptive error when attempting to download or synchronize mail folders. This is usually resolved by closing and re-opening your mail client.

Missing sub-folders

Any additional folders you have created will be maintained during the conversion. In some cases, your mail client may not see them. If this is the case, you simply need to resubscribe to the additional folders:
How to subscribe to specific IMAP folders in Outlook 2010

18 thoughts on “Courier to Dovecot Maintenance

  1. Hello,

    Could you clarify if this appplies to all email services? For example, our email is handeled by Office 365. InMotion is our webshost, another company has our DNS records. Thanks!

    1. Hello Jesse,

      If your mail servers are pointed to InMotion then InMotion handles your email. If your mail servers are pointed to Microsoft then Microsoft is handling your email. You can tell this by looking at the configuration of your email clients. We would need your domain name in order to determine how your email server is set for the domain. Dovecot is the email service used on all InMotion servers.

      I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

      Arnel C.

  2. I received the Notification from INMOTION on this Courier to Dovecot Maintenance which will commentce on Monday, August 15 between 7PM and 2AM EST.

    Unfortunately, we are in Asia and that will be office hour during the day at our side during the mainenance.

    Been stated that we may experience a temporary inability to send or receive email. Does that mean, we will be expecting missing emails?

    1. Hi Eric,

      No we do not expect any missing emails. The maintenance window is actually quite small per server. The broad maintenance window is for the entire scope of work. You may notice, depending on how you email is set up, it needs to re-sync again however.

  3. This change over is a HUGE problem for me.  I have thousands, if not tens of thousands of emails that will have to be redownloaded on 3 seperate devices.  We could be talking about 5 gigs or more per device that must be redownloaded.  Surely there must be another way.  Why on earth did inmotion do this and what was the logic behind this??

    1. As Courier is no longer supported by cPanel, the transition to Dovecot was necessary. We understand how this could impact some of our customers and it’s not something we take lightly.

    2. The mail should only need to be synced once after the conversion from Courier to Dovecot. The conversion from Courier to Dovecot was a necessary change as Courier is no longer supported by cPanel.

  4. I just spent over a half hour deleting 600+ emails that were reloaded this morning.  Now, this afternoon, they have all be reloaded.  I will now have to spend MORE time deleting them.  NOT HAPPY.  Is this going to continue???

  5. Hi, this morning in Mac Mail it is saying that my password is not correct (Unable to verify account name or password) when I reentered it. My cname is roadma5 and my domain

    I am providing an alternate email as I realize I cannot get emails on my account [email protected]

    thank you

    1. Hello Jeanne,

      If you can log in to cPanel, then you can change your email login password. If you don’t know your password to your account (or if it has somehow been altered), doesn’t mean you will not continue to get emails on your account. It just means that your email client can’t access the email account. This can be corrected as I mentioned above through the cPanel interface. Use the emails section in cPanel to get to the account. If you require further or immediate assistance with this issue, please contact our live technical support team. They can handle it for you immediately and privately. Remember that posts in the community forum are public.

      If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

      Arnel C.

  6. Hello, Starting last night I have gotten a bunch of return or unsendable spam e-mails that I did not send. Is this something that happened with the upgrade or is it a seperate issue?

  7. I’m not getting any emails and when I send them they state they aren’t being delivered but in fact the are and the ones that aren’t being delivered go through like they were. 

    1. Hello Michelle,

      We would need your domain name in order to troubleshoot the issue. If you’re on an LD server, then you may want contact our live technical support team for immediate assistance.

      If you have any further questions, please let us know.

      Kindest regards,
      Arnel C.

  8. My domain is:


    Cpanel username is: katoni5


    Am unable to receive emails both on my Mac Air and my iphone 6S.  Kindly fix this and revert ASAP!!!


    best regards,

    Indraneel Chatterjee

    1. Hello Indraneel,

      As per the announcement, they are working on the LD servers to correct the issue as soon as possible. Please see the InMotion Status page. Apologies again for the service interruption. They are working to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.

      If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

      Arnel C.

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