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2012.01.10 4pm EST
Our server has been experiencing intermittent performance issues. Our System Administration team is currently investigating, and we will report more information when it is available.

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1,344 Points
2012-01-12 6:49 pm
Hello Innovo,

Thank you for keeping us updated. I'm sorry you've had trouble with your sites being down. The tests in the article Brad linked are for testing the connection between you and the server. Often, a site may appear to be "down" when in fact the server is running fine but there is a connection issue somewhere between the user and the server. The ping and trace tests can help us to identify any possible connection issues between you and the server. If you do experience any issues in the future, please feel free to run those tests and submit the results for us to review.
2012-01-12 6:29 pm
Hi Brad,

its working fine now, thanks. but it wasn't when i sent that message. i am IT guy and your customer since 3 years. this is the first time that i am having down time in my sites. its not only one domain, i have 6 domains on this server and all of them does not work when anything happens. so this is not because of slow website for sure.

hope that you can resolve the server issues soon...

5,399 Points
2012-01-12 6:19 pm
Hi Innovo,

I can see your site as of right now:

Is the site currently up for you now, or is it still down for you? If it is still down, run the tests on the following page and please get back to us with the results:

- Brad
2012-01-12 5:49 pm
Dear Tim,
thanks for your response, my sites are down at the moment, could you please investigate the reason?
Unable to connect
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at
13,821 Points
2012-01-12 4:24 pm
Hi Tayyeb,

Thanks for contacting us. I'm more than happy to help you today. I am not aware of any server related issue causing the server that houses your account to be down today.

If you would like to email the information you have on the downtime to we'd be happy to investigate it further for you.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us.


Tim S
2012-01-12 4:16 pm
hope it works... but i already had downtime today,

Time: 2012-01-12 16:28:09 +0300
Time on Error: 10 minutes 0 seconds
13,821 Points
2012-01-12 4:10 pm
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for keeping us informed. I'm glad it appears to have been resolved. If you ever need assistance please feel free to contact us.

That's what we're here for!

Thanks again!

Tim S
2012-01-12 4:01 pm
Just wanted to let you know everything is working perfectly today.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and knocking on wood that it remains this way.

Thanks for your quick response
2012-01-12 9:24 am

Is there anything you guys are working??? i have 6 websites on this server and all of them are facing lots of downtime since last month. if you need i can send you website monitoring records... is there any solution? i.e. can't you move sites to another server if this server is taking more time... ? as it is affecting our business.

Can you please update us with latest status???

5,399 Points
2012-01-11 5:00 pm
Hi nlorenz,

I can delete your comment for you. As I advised Keven:

If you'd like to subscribe to the comments on this notice (by clicking the "Notify me of follow-up comments") we'll post a comment when our System Administration team more information, and you will receive notification via email.

This is not the level of service that we strive to provide, and we're very sorry that your site is experiencing these issues. As soon as we get any more info, we'll keep everyone post (I understand myself that it's not fun to be left in the dark).
2012-01-11 4:55 pm
Is there any updates on this? My sites which are all hosted on this server are still going up and down regularly. Currently, my cached site is working fine, but I can't access any pages that require DB connections ( for example).

Oops, I can't figure out how to delete this comment. I posted this without seeing that comments were in reverse order. I see that it is still and issue and that you are working on it.
5,399 Points
2012-01-11 4:52 pm
Hi Kevin,

I'm very sorry to hear that your site is on our ecbiz91 server and is being affected by these issues.

I cannot tell you a specific date or time when this issue will be resolved (such as 5pm today), as unfortunately the issue is not as simple as something like replacing a faulty hard drive.

What I can tell you however is that this issue is affecting quite a few of our users, and this is a very high priority item for our System Administration team.

If you'd like to subscribe to the comments on this notice (by clicking the "Notify me of follow-up comments") we'll post a comment when our System Administration team more information, and you will receive notification via email.

Thank you,
- Brad
2012-01-11 4:43 pm
Hi, I been having connection problems with my site for a few days now.

I am on your problem performance sever

I want to know when you are going to have these performance issuses solved.

And please do not tell you just check my site and it seems to load fine.


I just checked again and got 500 internal sever error.
13,821 Points
2012-01-11 10:27 am
Hi Charlie_0037,

Thanks for posting your comment. I'm more than happy to assist you today. I have looked over your account and the site seems to load fine. Are you still experiencing issues with your website? If so, I'm more than happy to help you troubleshoot this further.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us.


Tim S
2012-01-10 9:00 pm
this site is on biz107, and it is unreachable

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