How to Add Anchor Links with Gutenberg in WordPress

One of the most common things you’ll find in web-based articles are links that jump from one location in an article to another location of that same article.  These links are known as anchor links. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to add anchor links in a WordPress post or page. Creating an Anchor Read More >

Working with the Code Editor with Gutenberg WordPress

Most people prefer to use the visual tools when composing content within WordPress. There is always an effort to get the WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) feel for creating content. However, experienced WordPress users often work in code in order to get the results that they want for their posts. People work Read More >

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Plugin

Since WordPress switched to using the Gutenberg editor, it has made building a site easier. You can build a site in sections also known as blocks. This block-based interface saves time since they are preformatted based on their purpose. But, what if you don’t see the block that you need for your website? No need Read More >

How to use the Content Structure in Gutenberg

One of the great features of the new editor is the Content structure in Gutenberg that can be accessed via the top bar of the Gutenberg editor. It provides a great amount of information about your post and page that may prove useful to you. This information includes the number of words in your post/page, Read More >

Learn How to Install the Gutenberg Plugin

Before becoming a part of the WordPress core, Gutenberg was solely a plugin. Currently, users can still install the Gutenberg plugin, which adds additional functionality to the editor that has not to be included in the WordPress core yet. Continue reading to learn how to install the Gutenberg plugin. How to Install the Gutenberg Plugin Read More >

What is Gutenberg?

What is Gutenberg? Gutenberg is the new block-based editor that has been implemented and integrated into the WordPress interface. Included in all WordPress versions 5.0 and higher, Gutenberg changes the way you create and edit your pages and posts by providing an easy to use block editor. Continue reading to learn: What is Gutenberg? Gutenberg Read More >