Add WordPress Animation to Gutenberg Blocks with Editor Plus Plugin

You already know your content must be engaging to attract and retain users. But as more and more businesses jump online, creating unique, engaging content may feel like a neverending challenge.  However, with the free plugin Editor Plus, you can add entrance animation to your WordPress content. By extending the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor, Read More >

Using the WordPress Book Review Plugin Block

Book lovers unite! As of March 2020, all generations saw a considerable increase in reading. With the change in how we’re able to spend our free time, there is no wonder that reading has increased overall about 33%. Even better, if you have a WordPress website or blog, you can easily attract and retain fellow Read More >

How to Add Gutenberg Block Functionality to WordPress Widget Areas

If you’re a fan of Gutenberg and its block-based system, you’ll be happy to know the separate Gutenberg plugin can now add block functionality to the WordPress Widget area.  Though a version of Gutenberg is rolled into the core of WordPress, the separate Gutenberg plugin introduces newer features that add to the experience of the Read More >

How to Add Anchor Links with Gutenberg in WordPress

One of the most common things you’ll find in web-based articles are links that jump from one location in an article to another location of that same article.  These links are known as anchor links. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to add anchor links in a WordPress post or page. Creating an Anchor Read More >

Working with the Code Editor with Gutenberg WordPress

Most people prefer to use the visual tools when composing content within WordPress. There is always an effort to get the WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) feel for creating content. However, experienced WordPress users often work in code in order to get the results that they want for their posts. People work Read More >