How to Use Gutenberg Hub’s WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Library

In our article on how to add animation to WordPress, we highlighted the Editor Plus plugin – which extends the functionality of Gutenberg and allows block customization without the use of code.  However, there is more to Editor Plus that meets the eye. The creator, Munir Kamal, also launched a free WordPress Gutenberg blocks library Read More >

Add WordPress Animation to Gutenberg Blocks with Editor Plus Plugin

You already know your content must be engaging to attract and retain users. But as more and more businesses jump online, creating unique, engaging content may feel like a neverending challenge.  However, with the free plugin Editor Plus, you can add entrance animation to your WordPress content. By extending the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor, Read More >

Install and Use the Advanced Editor Tools WordPress Plugin

Formerly known as Tiny MCE Advanced, the Advanced Editor Tools WordPress plugin is a robust tool that merges elements from the classic editor with the Gutenberg editor. This additional functionality is perfect for users who miss certain elements from the classic editor or use plugins that cannot be used with Gutenberg fully.  However, if you’re Read More >

How to Add Gutenberg Block Functionality to WordPress Widget Areas

If you’re a fan of Gutenberg and its block-based system, you’ll be happy to know the separate Gutenberg plugin can now add block functionality to the WordPress Widget area.  Though a version of Gutenberg is rolled into the core of WordPress, the separate Gutenberg plugin introduces newer features that add to the experience of the Read More >