Erasure Coding including Calculator

Erasure Coding Erasure coding can be a bit confusing. It is also typically a decision that involves trade-offs between I/O performance needed for a particular storage process, initial and ongoing cost of the setup, and usable storage. We have experience creating clusters using Erasure Coding for our internal use and for production mass backup systems. Read More >

On-Premise vs. Hosted Private Cloud

On-Premise vs. Hosted Private Cloud (1)

As the popularity of private cloud solutions rises, more businesses are beginning to research and explore the benefits of adopting a cloud solution for their enterprise. Concerning the deployment of the cloud service, businesses can choose on-premise vs hosted private cloud. But what are the differences between hosted and on-premise private cloud? This article will Read More >

How to Reset your WordPress Admin Password

If you have ever lost or forgotten your password to access the WordPress dashboard, it can be very frustrating. WordPress provides quite a few options to reset or change your WordPress password. Change password from dashboard Reset password via email Reset password via phpMyAdmin Reset password via FTP Reset password with the emergency password reset Read More >