How to Calculate Nutrition Facts with WP Recipe Maker for WordPress

Continuing in our series of the WP Recipe Maker plugin, we’re going to learn how to calculate Nutrition Facts. This course about becoming a recipe blogger makes use of our WordPress Hosting package to bring you a superior self-hosted WordPress experience. Note: the ability to calculate Nutrition Facts for your recipes is a premium feature Read More >

Troubleshoot your WordPress Site with Health Check Plugin

Do you want an easy way to quickly troubleshoot issues on your WordPress site? The Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin has got you covered. This plugin performs the same steps our Support team follows when first approaching a broken WordPress site. Troubleshooting Mode Standard operating procedure for WordPress troubleshooting involves taking a look at the Read More >

Force WordPress Refreshes with Force Refresh

Sometimes, after adding news to your WordPress website you’ll want to refresh your website in viewers’ browser to ensure they’re seen immediately. Below we’ll cover achieving this with the Force Refresh plugin for those who need this done website-wide but manually instead of during set intervals. Install Force Refresh Log into your WordPress website directly Read More >