Test Website Accessibility with Tenon.io

There are many ways to test your website accessibility – e.g. web apps, browser plugins, and accessibility organizations. Below we cover how to test your website accessibility with the Tenon.io free web server. Note that the service can only scan publicly accessible websites. It cannot scan websites only accessible with a hosts file modification. Note: Read More >

How to Edit CSS Using Google Chrome Developer Tools

The Google Chrome browser includes Developer Tools to assist with troubleshooting and developing your website. For instance, by using its device toolbar you can easily preview websites as they would display on various mobile devices. There are also tools that allow you to Inspect Elements on a page and edit the CSS live, without affecting Read More >

How to Start a Private Browsing Session

In some instances of troubleshooting your website, it may be necessary to clear your web browser’s cache. However, since clearing your cache will log you out of currently logged in sessions, you can circumvent the need to clear your cache, by using a private browsing session. IMPORTANT: If you are attempting to replicate a particular Read More >

How to Troubleshoot JavaScript Using Google Chrome Developer Tools

In This Tutorial: Access Dev Tools Troubleshoot JavaScript The Google Chrome web browser includes a variety of Developer Tools that can help you while maintaining various components of your website. For instance, you can use the Chrome Dev Tools to edit CSS and preview live changes. Because of the versatility of Google Chrome’s Developer Tools Read More >

How to Run the Windows 10 System File Checker

Updated: 11/19/2019          1 Minute to Read In this tutorial, we will show you how to run the Windows 10 File checker tool. This will find and fix broken Windows files, and is included in Windows 10. Check out our NGINX-powered WordPress Hosting for high performance without the high price. Run the System File Checker Tool Read More >