Dynamic website vs Static website

If you are trying to speed up your website, it’s important to first know the difference between a dynamic website, and a static website. These are the two types of websites that currently exist on the Internet. A quick break down would be that dynamic websites require more server resources, but provide more flexibility when Read More >

Use PingPlotter to troubleshoot network slowdowns

If you’re on a Windows machine, and your website appears to be running slow. You can try out the PingPlotter application to help pinpoint any problems with network connectivity. We have a guide on running a ping and traceroute test when you feel your website is running slow. However when you use the PingPlotter application, Read More >

Excessive MySQL activity

In this article we’ll discuss the impact of excessive MySQL activity, and how it can be detrimental to your account’s overall resource usage. MySQL is the database back-end of many popular web applications and it’s where those applications store their data to later be retrieved by server-side scripts to pull that information into your pages. Read More >

Why is my server slow / how do I run a ping and tracert test?

Windows Mac A number of factors contribute to how fast your connection to our servers is, including: Your computer health The connection you have to your ISP (internet service provider) The number of network hops between your ISP and our servers The amount of traffic our servers are currently having Running a ping test can Read More >