Force Email Exim Authentication

Security Advisor and monthly WebHost Manager (WHM) security reports alone can teach users much about navigating WHM and enhancing web security. Below we cover how to solve the warning that Exim mail authentication isn’t required to connect. Note: You’ll need root access to complete these steps. Enable Exim Authentication Log into WHM. Select Tweak Settings Read More >

How to Fix the Security Advisor MySQL Alert

The WHM Security Advisor scans for possible changes to harden your VPS security. Below we cover how to clear the following error for VPS users not using remote MySQL: The MySQL service is configured to listen on all interfaces: (bind-address=*) Configure bind-address= in /etc/my.cnf, or close port 3306 in server’s firewall Security Advisor Scan To Read More >

How to Install CSF

In this tutorial: Remove APF Install CSF Additional Settings Note that you will require root access on a VPS / Dedicated server in order to follow these directions. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install CSF via the command line interface (cli). CSF (ConfigServer Firewall) is a front end to iptables, and Read More >

Disable FTP clear/plain text authentication

If you’ve read our previous article on how to pass PCI compliance scans, you might notice that you failed a PCI scan due to FTP clear/plain text authentication being used. In this article we’ll discuss disabling FTP clear/plain text authentication. By default when you establish an FTP connection to the server, your credentials are passed Read More >