Redirecting visitors to an Under Construction page

When working on your website, you may want to prevent any visitor from accessing your site except you. This can be done by creating a 302 temporary redirect in your .htaccess file to a construction page. By creating a redirect for any IP address except your own in your .htaccess, you can prevent visitors from Read More >

Setting Up a Permanent 301 Redirect in .htaccess

A permanent 301 redirect in your .htaccess file lets search engines and others know that an old link has been replaced by a new one. It’s the recommended method for directing traffic from an existing page. (For developers or sysadmins experienced with the command line, get High Availability and Root Access for your application, service, Read More >

How to Redirect to a Mobile Version of your Website

If you’ve created a mobile version of your website, you’ll need to be sure that you redirect your mobile visitors to your mobile website. For example, if someone visits on their phone, you’ll need a way to redirect them to (the mobile version of your site created on a subdomain called “m“). Redirecting Read More >