How to delete or unpublish your site in the Premium Website Builder

If you began your site by using the Premium Website Builder and have either decided to use another program or to start fresh, you may want to know how to unpublish your Premium Website Builder site. The program itself does not have an unpublish or delete function. You will need to clear your files manually Read More >

Updating your Publishing Password in the Builder

If you are using Premium Website Builder and you have changed your cPanel password, you will not be able to publish the site. You will need to update your publishing settings in Premium Web Builder. Premium website builder uses your cpanel username and password as the login credentials to publish your website. Changing your Password Read More >

Can I modify the template I use in Premium Web Builder?

The templates available to you in Premium Web Builder are not modified through the your editor.  While each Builder template has different color options, no other modifications to the template itself can be made.  Please note that if you use third party software to modify the code, InMotion Hosting is unable to provide support on Read More >

Configuring the site Title, Keywords, and Description in the Builder

To setup your Premium Builder to have a Title, Keywords, and a Description, you will need to follow the below steps. The Title of the page is only what displays in the Banner area of your site that has a basic “Site Name“. This shows throughout the site. The Keywords are specific to the page Read More >