Restrict public access to your php.ini

By default the php.ini file is stored in the public_html folder on your server. When you visit your domain and add /php.ini at the end of it like the following: http://your-domaincom/php.ini You will see the contents of your PHP configuration available over the internet. See the image to the right. To secure your php.ini settings Read More >

Hotlink protect files in the .htaccess and cPanel

What is HotLinking? HotLinking is when you use a url to view an image in the website code or the image url in the browser. When using url’s in image code, the server does not have to use any bandwidth or http request to serve the image. Say I use a url to an image Read More >

Restrict access with .htaccess and the IP Deny Manager

Access control is an important part of managing visitor access to your website. Visitors can be restricted from accessing your site by using the IP deny manager in your cPanel or by adding the Allow or Deny code in your .htaccess file. This is especially useful when robots or malicious visitors from specific countries or Read More >

How to Add Password Protection for a Directory Using cPanel

In this Tutorial: Add Password Protection Remove Password Protection At times, you may find it best practice to password protect a folder on your account. This can add an extra layer of protection to files you do not want the general public to have access to. Password protecting a directory can be easily accomplished using Read More >