Movable Type: Dynamic and Static Publishing

Movable Type has Dynamic and Static publishing built into the software. In other words, changes made to a page on the website will need to be published in order for the changes to be saved. The data is stored in a database; however, the files are written as HTML files that are not required to Read More >

Adding an iFrame to a Movable Type Webpage

Sometimes there is a need to embed or nest a page of content within another. This often done with iFrames and can also be implemented within Movable Type webpages. The following article explains how iFrames can be added within webpages published from the Movable Type dashboard. Inserting Iframes into Movable Type Web Pages Adding iFrames Read More >

Adding an internal link in Movable Type

In this article I’m going to teach you how to add an internal link in Movable Type, so that you can have one of your pages linking directly to another, without your visitors having to navigate there from the menu. Before getting started following along with this guide, I’d recommend first ensuring that you already Read More >

Managing Tags in Movable Type

Tags are a great tool to help find assets or pages within the Movable Type interface.  However, as your website pages multiply, you will find that it is critical to be able find and organize the many tags that will be added.   Movable type provides two different areas where you can manage tags, within Read More >

How to Add Tags to Assets in Movable Type

One of the aids to finding pages or assets within Movable Type is the tag.  Tags are simply keywords that can be associated with an asset or page. The following article shows to how add tags to Movable Type.   Inserting Tags in Movable Type   Login to the Movable Type Dashboard. Click on the Read More >

Creating a Contact Page in Movable Type

Movable type doesn’t include a contact form, and we were not easily able to find a compatible form. We suggest using a 3rd party service, such as jotform, which is free.   In this tutorial we will show you how to create a contact page in Movable Type using JotForm. Create a Contact Page Sign up Read More >

How to insert an Image in Movable Type

In Movable Type, you can add almost any type of content you want. You can upload Images through the Admin Dashboard and place them in your pages. This article will explain how to upload and insert an image in Movable Type. Steps to insert an Image in Movable Type Log into your Moveable Type Dashboard. Read More >

How to edit a page in Movable Type

You can create pages in your Movable Type program relatively easily. As long as the permissions for your Movable Type program are fixed, you can edit and create pages through the Movable Type Dashboard The following tutorial will explain how to edit a page in your Movable Type site. Steps to edit a page in Read More >

How to create a new page in Movable Type

Likely one of the first tasks you will perform after logging in to your admin dashboard for the first time is to create a new page. This quick tutorial will guide you on how to create your first content page within your Movable Type content management system (CMS). Creating a new page Log into your Read More >