Import users into phpList

In this article we’re going to review how you can import multiple users into phpList to save you time from having to create them one at a time. If you already have a large list of users that you’ve been mailing with another application, you might like to start sending messages to those users from Read More >

Unsubscribe from a list in phpList

In this article we’ll cover how you can unsubscribe a user from a list in phpList, so that they do not receive any further mailings from you. We’ll go over how your users can go ahead and unsubscribe themselves using the default unsubscribe page that should be included as a link in all of your Read More >

Manually add a user to phpList

In this article we’ll discuss manually adding a user into phpList, and subscribing them to a list that you have created. In most cases phpList is used in order to allow users to subscribe themselves to your mailing lists via a subscribe page. However there are also many cases where you might have already been Read More >