Assigning customers to groups in OpenCart

In the previous tutorial we showed you how to create customer groups. In this tutorial, now that you have created your own customer groups we’re going to show you how to assign your existing customers to your groups. Assigning customers to groups is accomplished through your OpenCart Dashboard. Log into your OpenCart Dashboard Go to Read More >

Creating customer groups in OpenCart

OpenCart allows you to create different groups to assign customers into. This allows you to better organize specific groups of customers. By default there are two groups created when you initially set up the shopping cart (default and wholesale). Groups can be handy when contacting customers since you’ll be able to send emails to specific Read More >

Sending Emails to Customers through OpenCart 1.5

OpenCart gives the administrator the ability to send notifications about promotions and new products to their customers. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to send an email to all of your customers using OpenCart. Before you can send emails to your customers, you must configure the mail settings first. If you have not done Read More >

Configuring Email Settings in OpenCart 1.5

Your OpenCart site has the ability to send emails through the Dashboard when you are on an InMotion web hosting plan. This is a great feature that allows you to email customers about new items added to your website, promotions you may be running, or anything else you wish. If you already have configured the Read More >