Installing Open Cart with Softaculous

You can install Open Cart easily by using Softaculous in your cPanel Software / Services. This article will teach you how to install Open Cart through Softaculous. You can then login to your Administrative Dashboard, and begin designing your site. Steps to install Open Cart Login into your cPanel. Navigate to the Software/Services section and Read More >

How to add Related Products in OpenCart:

When you add products in your OpenCart software, you can have related products appear with them in the product search. (See image to the right) This article will explain how to add related products to your OpenCart products. Adding Related Products in OpenCart Log into your OpenCart admin. Edit the product you want to add Read More >

Adding Options to Products in OpenCart

Now that you have set up your global options in the previous tutorial, you can begin to apply them to specific products. That way, your customers can order specific sizes, colors, and versions of your products. Adding options to a product is done through your OpenCart Dashboard. Log into your OpenCart Dashboard Go to Catalog Read More >

Setting up Options in OpenCart

OpenCart gives you the ability to sell different versions of the same product. This can be handy if your product comes in different colors and/or sizes. Options are created globally, that is, you do not need to configure the same options for multiple products. Options are set up in the OpenCart Dashboard. Log into your Read More >

Setting up Shipping Options in OpenCart

Before you can actually begin selling products online using your OpenCart shopping cart you’ll need to configure your shipping options. Shipping options allow you to decide which methods of shipping the website visitor can choose during the checkout process. How to Set up Shipping Options Login to OpenCart Dashboard Go to Extensions > Shipping Select Read More >

Adding New Products to OpenCart 1.5

Now that you have removed the default products in OpenCart and added product categories, you can start adding your own products. This is done through your OpenCart dashboard. You’ll need to add each product individually. Log into your OpenCart Dashboard Go to Catalog > Products To add a new product, click “Insert” in the top Read More >

Listing your Product’s Manufacturers in OpenCart 1.5

At this point, you should have already installed OpenCart. OpenCart provides you the ability to list the manufacturers or brand names for your products and link these to your product pages. This is important because it will allow your customers to search by brand or manufacturer when looking for a product. The footer section of Read More >

Editing the Information Pages in the Footer of OpenCart 1.5

You can customize your site further by editing the individual pages listed in the information section of the footer of your OpenCart site. By now, you should have already started to set up your categories for your products. The default installation of OpenCart already created 4 pages for your site (About Us, Delivery Information, Privacy Policy, Read More >

Removing Products from OpenCart 1.5

At this point in the tutorial, we’ve removed the default product categories and added new categories in OpenCart. We’ll want to remove the default products so we can begin adding our own. Removing the default products in OpenCart can be done via the Dashboard. Log into your OpenCart Dashboard Go to Catalog > Products To Read More >