Working with Product Tags in OpenCart 1.5

Product tags in OpenCart help you group and categorize products together, which helps customers navigate your store and find items they are looking for. In this tutorial we will show you how to work with Product Tags in OpenCart. Where do Product Tags Display? When you add a Product Tag to an item in OpenCart, Read More >

Adding Attributes to products in OpenCart 1.5

Once you have your Attributes added to your Attribute Group in OpenCart, you can add the attributes to your products. This tutorial will teach you how to add attributes to your OpenCart Products. Adding Attributes to a Product Log into your OpenCart Dashboard. Go to Catalog > Products. Edit the Article you created the Attributes Read More >

Adding Attributes to Attribute Groups in OpenCart 1.5

The first step in adding attributes to your OpenCart products is to create Attribute groups. Once you have the Attribute group created, yo can add Attributes to the group. This article will walk you through the steps to add Attributes to attribute groups in OpenCart. Adding Attributes to an Attribute group Log into your OpenCart Read More >

Creating Attribute Groups in OpenCart 1.5

When you are creating your OpenCart products you may want to add more information at the bottom of your product description. This section is a tab named “Specifications”. By Default the bottom Attributes are “Description” and “Reviews”. See image to the right. To add another tab that contains “Specifications” for your product, you can create Read More >