Resetting your OpenCart Admin Password with the Forgot Password link

In this tutorial: Reset Password Troubleshoot Warning message If you are unable to login to your OpenCart Dashboard, there is a Forgot Password link that can help you. In this tutorial we will show you how to Reset your OpenCart Password, so you can login to the Admin Dashboard. How to Reset your Admin Password Read More >

Using the Backup/Restore option in OpenCart 1.5

OpenCart has an option available to easily perform Backups and Restorations of your OpenCart database in the Dashboard. We recommend maintaining your own regular backups, so you can recover your website in case of emergencies. In this guide we will walk you through the backup and restore process in OpenCart 1.5. Perform a Backup: Login Read More >

Restoring a Database Backup in OpenCart 1.5

At times, you may need to restore your database for your OpenCart website. By now, you’ve learned how to create backups and backed up your OpenCart database on a regular basis. Restoring a database can also be done through your OpenCart dashboard in just a few clicks. Log into your OpenCart Dashboard Go to System Read More >

Changing your Admin Password in OpenCart 1.5

OpenCart allows you to change the password for your administrator whenever you want. It’s best practice to change your passwords regularly to strengthen your shopping cart’s security. Updating your administrator password within the dashboard is easy to accomplish. Log into your OpenCart Dashboard Go to System > Users > Users Select the administrative user you Read More >

What are OpenCart 1.5 Extensions and Modules?

What is an Extension? At this point, you’ve started to customize your OpenCart shopping cart by adding your store logo and installing a theme. You can further customize your store by using Extensions. Extensions are add-on programs that provide extra functionality to your website. What is a module? Modules are boxes of information on your Read More >