Google Launches Site Kit Plugin for WordPress

Date: 11/11/19          2 Minutes To Read In this article: What is the Google Site Kit Plugin? Premium Tools Install and Use This article will explain what the Google Site Kit is, the premium tools it offers to improve your website and how you can install the plugin. What is the Google Site Kit Plugin? For WordPress Read More >

Blocked loading mixed active content

This article is inteded for developers using reCAPTCHA Library for PHP (recaptcha-php-1.11). Problem When I access my website over SSL, Google Recaptcha doesn’t load. When I access the javascript error console, I see the following error: Blocked loading mixed active content“” [Learn More] What causes this problem? You will see the Blocked loading mixed active Read More >

Adding Google Analytics to a Container in Google Tag Manager

After Setting up Google Tag Manager, the next step is adding Tags to a container. In this tutorial we will show you how to add the Google Analytics tag to your container using Google tag manager. Then, you can begin using Google Analytics tools to understand the traffic on your website. You will need your Read More >

How to Setup Google Tag Manager

In this tutorial: Create Account Add Container When you are developing a website, Google Tag Manager can help you handle the many tags you are using. Tags are javascript files (typically used for tracking) that pull from separate 3rd party services, such as Google Analytics, DoubleClick Floodlight Counter, or Adwords. This can slow down site Read More >

Google AdWords Voucher Redemption

If you are a new InMotion Hosting Customer you may have received a $100 coupon from Google for free Google AdWords services. To redeem your free Google AdWords coupon. Please follow the steps below. NOTICE: Google AdWords will no longer be offered starting March 7th, 2018. We are continuing to offer alternative solutions like Yahoo/Bing Read More >