Disable POP3 mail service on server

In this article I’ll show you how you can disable the POP3 mail service on your server, so that if you want to ensure all of your users are only utilizing IMAP for their email accounts this can be enforced server-side. Please note that the ability to disable the POP3 mail service is only available Read More >

How to find what is using the most disk space on my server

If you notice you are not able to connect to your cPanel, Webmail, or WHM and your website is slow and giving errors, your server may be maxed out on the disk space. A common error you may see is like the following when going to your cPanel. Sorry for the inconvenience! The filesystem mounted Read More >

How to tell who is logged into your VPS or Dedicated server

As a VPS or Dedicated Server account owner, you may want to check to see who is actively online and send a broadcast message to them. The short article below takes you through using the who and wall commands. Neither command requires root access. How to see who is logged in log into your account Read More >

How to Edit the MySQL my.cnf File

VPS and Dedicated server customers with root access can change their MySQL settings in the my.cnf file. To do this, you simply log in the server and edit the my.cnf file using Nano. This article will explain the steps to view and edit your my.cnf file. How to view MySQL settings in the my.cnf file Read More >

Server security best practices

A server is connected to the outside world and is open to a variety of attacks and exploits due to this. Some server security best practices can go a long way in ensuring your server does not fall victim to an attack. A new server comes with the latest versions of software. This can help Read More >

Controlling user executions with suEXEC

In this article we’ll briefly discuss controlling user executions with Apache’s suEXEC feature and how it can increase security on your server. If you happen to have read our previous article on choosing the best PHP handler, it was mentioned multiple times that suEXEC can be used to increase security. suEXEC can be configured on Read More >

How to Monitor Disk Space and Bandwidth Usage

Within your WHM (Web Host Manager), you have the ability to monitor disk space and bandwidth usage for the cPanel accounts that you manage. How to View Disk Space Usage To view the disk space usage for each of your cPanel accounts: Log into your WHM Click “List Accounts”, which is under the “Account Information” Read More >